Halloween Cake

Looking for a Halloween dessert to add some pizzazz to your party this year? Feed all those hungry monsters with a delightfully spooky Halloween cake from Randazzo's. The perfect balance of sweet and scary, this Halloween cake will have your guests screaming for more.


Halloween cake and Halloween desserts are very important to the tradition of the holiday. Exchanging Halloween desserts dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. The ancient Celts marked November 1st as their new year. This meant the end of the harvest and the beginning of the cold months of winter. It was at this time that the Celts believed the spirits of the dead were able to walk on the earth. Many families who had lost loved ones would remember them and honor them on this day.

As the Christian influence in Europe spread, this became a time to honor the saints and martyrs, along with loved ones. Eventually, October 31st became known as "All Hallow's Eve," or "Halloween," while November 1st was named "All Saints Day." On Halloween, poor people would travel door-to-door to the homes of the wealthier families. At each door, they were given a pastry called a soul cake in exchange for a promise to pray for the deceased souls of the wealthy family.

This custom started the tradition we know as trick-or-treating. Children travel around door-to-door to receive sweets, Halloween cakes, and candy. History tells us that Halloween is a time for sweets, and who can argue with history?

This Halloween, skip the commercialized chocolates, and give a real treat-- a Halloween cake from Randazzo’s. The taste and smell of the cinnamon-sugar Halloween cake is perfect to get you in the mood for Fall. With such a delicious treat, the scariest part of your Halloween party will be when you run out of king cake!