Thanksgiving Desserts

Are you sick of the same old boring pumpkin pie? How about a Thanksgiving dessert that will add a little touch of the Big Easy to your dinner? Jazz up your dinner this year with one of Randazzo's famous Thanksgiving cakes.

You'll love the cinnamon spice flavor that fits in perfectly with the traditional cuisine of the autumn months. We take the flavor to the next level, as we always do in New Orleans. The soft cake is topped with perfectly sweet icing, and adorned with beautiful fall colors. It will fit in beautifully with your Thanksgiving dinner, and will prove to be the favorite dessert. Slicing up a Randazzo's king cake every year may even become your family's new Thanksgiving tradition!

Thanksgiving King Cake

The first Thanksgiving as we know it was celebrated in the year 1621. The "pilgrims," as they are now known, were a group of people from England who were in search of treasure in the "New World" called America.

Today, Americans gather with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November, to eat delicious food and desserts, and to celebrate the things for which they are most thankful. Many families in New Orleans count their blessings as they remember what a special and unique city they call home. Bring a little bit of New Orleans flair to your dinner table this year with one of our delicious Thanksgiving cakes.