Valentine's Day Cake

Searching for Valentine's Day ideas? Roses and chocolates are old news, but one of our special heart-shaped Valentine's Day cakes will be sure to please. Valentine's Day desserts are very popular gifts to exchange on the special day. Giving one of our Valentine's Day cakes to your sweetheart this year would a sweet way to let them know you care.

Our Valentine's Day King Cakes provide a way for you to give your whole "heart" to that special someone, or to let them know that they are the "king" of your heart. Valentine’s Day Cakes also make unique and tasty Valentines for kids. Your children will enjoy the delicious heart-shaped pastry as they search for the hidden treasure inside.

The tradition of exchanging sweets on Valentine's Day is said to have originated as a way to stir up emotions in someone you love. The giving of chocolates or other sweet treats triggers a reaction in your brain that is similar to falling in love. For this reason, hopeful suitors would shower their loves with sweet Valentine’s Day desserts with intentions of making that person fall in love. One of our Valentine’s Day cakes will be a perfect way to capture someone’s heart.



The exact History of Valentine's Day is not known. One legend suggests that St. Valentine was put in jail for helping Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. While imprisoned, he was said to have fallen in love with a girl who would frequently visit his cell. Before he was put to death, he left her a love note signed, "From your Valentine." This expression is still used today in association with Valentine's Day.

While we can't promise that your Valentine won't accidentally fall in love with the Valentine’s Day cake itself, we can promise that this gift will be a hit. Valentine's Day desserts show your sweet side. One of our unique New Orleans king cakes will also show your creative side. So show your Valentine you care, and order one of our heart-shaped Valentine's Day cakes today.